Sustainable design, environmentally-friendly techniques, PassivHaus, A-ratings, renewables in building, building energy rating:- the multiplicity of names can seem as bewildering as their content. Not all the same thing ...

Our expertise in green design dates back to our inception. In 1981, our design for apartments on the Grand Canal in Dublin was premiated in the second European Passive Solar House design competition. "Ahead of its time." Since then, our expertise has developed in many directions.

Environmental performance in buildings requires design to minimise heating and cooling; to maximise natural ventilation, control air tightness, and minimise air handing equipment; environmentally friendly materials for good indoor air quality and minimise future impact of disposal; and - as every architect loves - daylight to reduce lighting bills and create beautiful interiors.

Environmental design services include energy audits, costed feasibility studies, advice on design alternatives and financial payback, and integration into a design and building construction package; and if the brief is to achieve an A-rated BER house or a PassivHaus, we can do that also.


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