A good primary school is one where children enjoy learning, playing and socialising; where adults enjoy teaching; and where the building is bright, airy, robust and flexible, easy to maintain. Voluntary Boards rely on their architect to lead the design team and administer the construction contract. A key concern is to deliver completed projects within Department of Education budgets. We have worked with Boards of Management and with dedicated Primary School Principals in Carlow, Cork, Dublin and Wexford.

Second Level

A good secondary school provides quiet and well-insulated teaching spaces, a wide variety of carefully equipped specialist rooms, and social and pastoral spaces where tomorrow's adults discover and develop their potential. Most schools are built with state funding, where the public purse exacts rigorous design and cost engineering, and where lengthy timescales require determined follow-through and a good corporate memory.

Our practice started in 1981 with work on a second-level school in Rosscarbery. We have worked since on projects in Carlow, Dublin, Waterford and Wexford. We prepare grant applications, feasibility studies and designs. We manage costs, integrate engineering work, obtain planning permissions, fire safety and disability access certificates, and manage the process. Under-resourced school management needs careful support, and we provide it.

Third and Fourth Level

The wide choice of courses available to third- and fourth-level students means institutions must provide a high standard, not only in teaching but also in facilities, to attract the best. We help our clients think creatively in cost-conscious facilities provision, with information technology, thermal and acoustic comfort, durability and elegance being central concerns. Our experience in fire safety is often to the fore in the early design stages.

Much of our experience in higher education is in the private sector - Kaplan, DBS, EFLS: where value for money and adherence to academic year timetables is crucial.

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