Ireland 2011 is a confused place. The State's over-riding need to save money, and the excess supply of architects vis-à-vis demand, means the State can find willing providers of architectural services at rates which would not pay a trainee teacher's salary, let alone fund an office with information technology, printing, photocopying and professional indemnity insurance.  And a few private sector clients are happy to follow this questionable example.

This, coupled with building contractors who bid for work below cost, regularly delivers chaos on the construction site, to clients who should have known better.

We are not joining this "race to the bottom". We will not compromise our clients' need for continued professional presence, advice and support.  And so, we do not bid for work at prices which, every so often, prompt another architect business failure. The client who wants a cheap job is wasting their time contacting us. Somebody else will always do it cheaper.

But the client who appreciates skilled professional advice from architects with a combined 60 years' experience in Ireland, who seeks our commitment to their best interests at all times from project inception through to delivery of a good job: that client will not be disappointed. The client who commissions us gets the time and attention of an experienced Principal who has the capacity, imagination, and staying-power to see the job through from start to end.

We find that clients who choose us, do so because we deliver the best value.


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